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Franck Balestracci : Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Sound effects, Deconstructed Voices.

Birth in Paris 1958

From 1971 to 1975 musical training as a drummer, proper technics on the instrument as well as music theory studies

From 1977 to 1982 different experience within groups to evolutive musical tendances, creations and participations with changing bands as “ Ailleurs Existe”  that all receive a favorable welcome from the public and medias .

As of 1982 in Avignon I teach practice drums and percussions throughschool trainings as well as private lessons. During the same year, I takepart in several recording performances in Paris and concert tours for different variety singers.

1983 Parallel to teaching practice, I carry on my instrumentalist career, I play during that year with a big number of musicians whose pianist Y. Haettel to be sorely missed, with Olivier Renne ( percussions duet ) as well as Barre Phillips, E. Portal, C. Alvarez Perreire . E. Weber.

1984 Concert tours all over France and Europe, punctuated again by several layout compositions and record realizations in the world from Parisien studios at the same time I start studying keyboards as an autodidact .

1986 Production of two tapes “Minimal Music” and “Autres Temps” in collaboration with the guitarist G. Yung . During the same year in summer I set up a percussions trio for some concerts in the south of France.

From 1988 all the beginning of the 90’s different works on compositions for business movies, as well as T.V. reports, Ballet music for an Italian choreographer Pier Paolo Koss.

1989 Composition of the documentary original soundtrack for Bernard Pradinaud ( France 2 channel ) about the artist ( painter ) Jean Verame “ Tibesti ” 

1995 Original soundtrack composed for the movie “ Bronzes dans le desert “ (production Canal + channel) about the painter Jean Verame .

Since 1996 till nowadays my work has been keeping on in the cinematographic underworld. At the present time, I compose music's on different plans on T.V.  and cinema movies for the film maker Jean Claude Francolon.

1999 C.D. production whose title is “ Réflexions futures “ Original soundtrackmusic “ Roller queen “ for the film maker Jean Claude Francolon.

1999 and 2000 Original soundtrack music for a T.V. movie “ Strada maestra “ directed by J. C. Francolon.

2001 During Summer recording sessions realisation of a C.D. with personal compositions titled " Existences Invisibles "

2002 Elaboration and conception of a pictural project  titled " Modified Reality " First parution of "Existences invisibles" in limited edition distributed by the label Musea as wel as  the label Recommended Records of Chris Cutler ( UK )

2003 On the 20th of March official and revising parution of the C.D."Existences invisibles" produced by the label CARBON 7 of Guy Segers and Alan Ward ( ex UNIVERS ZERO )

 2004 First sporadic Recordings of a new discographic project that is titled "Modified Reality"  It is realized in solo

2005 Continuation of the recordings of "Modified Reality"  with the collaboration of Guy Segers (Vocal déclamation and Bass guitar) and Reginald Trigaux (Guitar) of the band PRESENT as well as Marianne Denoïa (Violin ex-Univers Zero from the 1997 line up) who are special guests only on some tracks. Expected release the second term of 2006 on the Belgium label Carbon 7 Records

2006 On the 26th of August parution of new record CD titled "Modified Reality" produced by the label CARBON 7

2007 Participation to the DVD "5 Knights and a Muse" of choreographer and American dancer Susana Weingarten. An extract of the DVD of Susana here "End of an Era" To know more about and how to get a copy of the new DVD  please contact her. Dancevert

2008 Continuation of the compositions and the recordings of the next album entitled (temporarily) "Facts and Fiction" Several guests were invited for this new album, out still indefinite... Invited by the composer/ Poet/ improviser Alain Joule to participate in the creation « Du feu dans les étoiles » Score of the solitudes, returning within the field of a rite of composite poetic teleportation, with new events to come...

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