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Beginning of a new project, images and sounds in collaboration  with the artist Jan van Naeltwijck a sort of ecological filmed opera. /!/

My process as a musician as well as a human being is to put in acoustic pictures our environment, in going beyond the descriptive towards the dreamlike imagery. Music is for me a dialogue between the reality, and the way to alter this reality.

My musical proposition is an itinerary, an invitation into my world perception, my relation to things, to beings etc. My music is just my way of looking at things it is personal and at the same time it stands somewhere into the collective unconscious, making appear on the surface all these enigmas which turn upside down the structures of our civilization, all these interrogations that we will have to resolve and which are to me inspiration sources.

The musician, his art consists of animating what is not like, or at least to give life To “ Invisible “ entities as I call them, that materialize in this case by sounds and atmospheric music's. Invisible existences can be linked to perception, real or unreal observations, sensations, finally they are projections of mental films, emanations of our daily life with a further mystery that remains it unfathomable.

Each track of music is a clue for the next one and at the same time it has its own existence, independent, these are filmic musical journeys, cinematographic stories, an endless of different scenes that all focused to the central unity of the synopsis, finally for me at least .

The "wings of desire", the movie by Wim Wenders had an impact on me, I am left with an impression of echo in my soul, the vision of these two angels upon human beings, strolling about trough our wide world . It is a bit about all that I tried to translate and put in music .

  Franck Balestracci May 2002


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E x i s t e n c e s  I n v i s i b l e s

Publication March 2003

Carbon 7 Records C7- 064

All music composed, arranged and played by Franck Balestracci

( All Keyboards, Piano, Drums, Percussions, Sound effects )

Track listing and 

.. 1 - Screenplay of a movie
5 mn 05 '
.. 2 - Adrift in a city
5 mn 27 '
.. 3 - Le veilleur sous la lune   
5 mn 43 '
.. 4 - Our inner theater
6 mn 50 '
.. 5 - Chaos antérieur             
4 mn18 '
.. 6 - Obscure part
5 mn 48 '
.. 7 - Les désespoirs de Christa ( for Nico )
3 mn 20 '
.. 8 - Baird T.S. memory        
3 mn 28 '
.. 9 - Prélude polaire
3 mn 14 '
  10 - Telle est la raison
4 mn 08 '
  11 - Electric day                   
3 mn 52 '
  12 - La danse des sons 
4 mn 13 '
  13 - Plan séquence
3 mn 02 '
  14 - Parcours de mémoire
5 mn 58 '
.... .-.Total Time
64 mn 33'

R e e l  M u s i c # 1 ( Compilation ).....

Publication March 2004.......

Carbon 7 Records C7-004-S

Compilation produced in collaboration with the

Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film  (www.BIFFF.org)

with various artists of Carbon 7 Records


Christian Genet / Garret List / Louise Avenue / Présent 

Franck Balestracci / Pierre Vervloesem / Cro Magnon 

Eric Mertens / Pirly Zurstrassen & Jean Pierre Catoul

Hardscore / Jan Kuijken 

M o d i f i e d  R e a l i t y .....

Publication  August 2006.....

Carbon 7 Records C7-076

Track listing and 

.. 1 - Movie of the Events
3 mn 59 '
.. 2 - Reality to Come     
5 mn 08 '
.. 3 - Underground Resonance   
4 mn 21 '
.. 4 - Oppressive Past
1 mn 47 '
.. 5 - Dénaturer le Réel            
3 mn 36 '
.  6 - Echos d'Ailleurs
2 mn 33 '
.. 7 - The Observer
4 mn 29 '
8 - Human Archives       
5 mn 38 '
.. 9 - Messages Cryptés II
5 mn 06 '
  10 - Artificial Environment      
1 mn 20 '
  11 - Rêvez en Paix...Après                  
6 mn 48 '
  12 - Cortège Virtuel
4 mn 54 '
  13 - End of an era        
5 mn 58 '
..14.- Imminent Threat
1 mn 45 '
  15 - Zamran: the Angels' warning        7 mn 00 '
  16 - Interval of Circumstance      1 mn 15 '
  17 - Meta History in Operation      4 mn 37 '
  18 - Zone d'Endormissement      6 mn 15 '
  16 - Total Time    76 mn 38 '


All music composed, arranged and played by Franck Balestracci

( All Keyboards, Piano, Drums, Percussions, Sound effects )

With Guests

Marianne Denoïa  Violin   ( 3 )  ( 5 )

Guy Segers  Bass, Vocals,  ( 7 )  ( 15 )  ( 17 )

Reginald  Trigaux  ( PRESENT )  Guitar chorus (  9 )  ( 14 )

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M U S I C A L  D E S C R I P T I O N

As a composer who attempts to propose a sophisticated and structural music, these different points allow to situate better my.." Itinerant music ", a bit like a stream, at times random but always in gradual change, in constant motion. My musical pieces in the general effect start from a clear idea for their structures, their contents and their minds.

The growing complexity of my music has needed the development of the practice with new technologies, this is the most appropriate mean for my work. What is interesting with the synthesizer is that each can create a field of perspectives which is proper to it, for my part I use instruments that allows me, in addition to these numerous banks of sounds, to sample personal things that I can shape like I want, so it is possible for me to setup a balance between synthetic sounds and acoustic sounds, being trained as a drummer and a percussionist, I always have an exigency for natural sounds. I am just someone who use partly the technology which is put at our disposal; If I wouldn't have these means I couldn't realize my compositions by myself. Each one of my musics works out a bit like a movie script, my function into my different parts is, at the same time, a director, a moving camera an actor and a spectator, being alone, I play all the parts, cast in the action, in a space of time that is neither absolute nor uniform, but a series of parallel times.

Music is always born in a spontaneous way, the more often with keyboards, but with drums too, it never happens through writing, I am an instinctive musician. Concerning my way of working, I record track after track in technic " overdubs " on the other side, all the musical parts are played in real time, I use no programming. Once the basis of the track is ended then drums and percussion parts are recorded, I go over sound treatments. It is at this moment that I bring in sampled effects, sound effects ( background noises ) a pack of extra musical things and voices that I display and lace at different places of my music, defined in advance by myself and that perfect completely my composition .

My researches introduce themselves under varied aspects in " Existences invisibles " many ambiances of my meditation composition are sinuous and ambiguous not really revolted but not quite serene. Music is cyclical, a bit dark, a bit shady, it drags on its notes, like a mirror which reflects reality of today. Music is not meant for cutting us from reality, it only changes it . Reality appears to us like a flood of successive pictures, pictures constantly modified, incomplete, moving in the course of time painfully lived, where the place of the reality is continuously changing. ( To visit my Visual Art Gallery.) There for my music does not correspond anymore to the reality of matte, present human field with its pure energy, it becomes an esoteric interpretation . For the sounds it is a bit the same thing, noises of our modern societies are continuously in movement . My sound interventions modulate themselves to be at the same time unmistakable and at the same time they disguise themselves to run away from our hearing habits . When I use some particular sounds, I end up to discover psychologically, what I call their musical inners, somas, each sound of the life has its own psychological color with particular components such as its height, length, rhythm, structure and dynamic . I try so as to do that my " musical collages " well match ideally with the different types of instruments ( classical ) that I usually use . The final result is the outcome of a reflection on each one of these points . What is really important is to be listening, to be a good inner ear. This is why, it is not essentially necessary to express one's true to life, actually it can be a mean to do it, but there is also luck, the spiritual dimension . My life is a mystery, finally my music too. A great musician whose I forgot the name said : " Music is beyond the words " so, it is time for me to shut up!

Thanks to everyone for the interest and support of this music.
Cheers, Franck

© Franck Balestracci February 2004

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